Professional Travel Health Advice

Professional Travel Health Advice The best Professional Travel Health Advice about food and drink on holiday, can easily be summarised as follows 1. The first thing to realise is that unpasteurised milk, non bottled drinks , and uncooked food, are likely to be contaminated and therefore possibly unsafe. This does not include fruit which can be peeled. 2. Use bottled or boiled water for cleaning your teeth. 3. Don’t open your mouth and drink water in the shower. 4.... Read More

Traveling By Sea – An Exhilarating Experience

Traveling By Sea – An Exhilarating Experience Modern day cruises are extremely popular. Today, travelers prefer setting sail on cruise ships, rather than opting for road trips. Cruises offer exotic holiday adventures, with the same facilities available back home. But this may not be the only reason why cruises have become so popular. There are many reasons that add to the popularity of cruises. The most obvious factor is the price. Long cruises are not very affordable.... Read More

Cheap Air Travel to India from UK, Is it Possible?

Cheap Air Travel to India from UK, Is it Possible? Is there such a thing as cheap air travel to India from UK? Well, actually, there is but only if you know how to find one. Whether you’re in UK or in any other country, you can surely find a cheap airline ticket that would take you to India. When you’re searching for cheap airline tickets bound for India, don’t get easily fooled. You see, there is tough competition among existing airline companies. They will... Read More

Guide To Cheap Annual Travel Insurance

Guide To Cheap Annual Travel Insurance Vacations are for fun, it means leaving behind your job and responsibilities for a while. Having travel insurance is one way of putting your mind at complete rest. It’s a lot easier to enjoy your trip if you know that you are covered from luggage lost to sickness. The further your trip will be, the more you will need travel insurance. This is common sense, as international trips are costly, so there’s a need to protect your... Read More

Cyclists of the Tour de France: Greg LeMond

Cyclists of the Tour de France: Greg LeMond Greg LeMond was the first American to ever win the Tour de France, and went on to win it a total of three times. An outspoken critic of performance enhancing drugs and doping both during his career and afterwards, he was slowed during much of his prime by poor luck and injuries. He competed in six installments of the Tour de France in his impressive career. LeMond was born in Lakewood, California, and had success in his teens... Read More

How to Find Cheap Air Travel Rates

How to Find Cheap Air Travel Rates Are you in the process of planning a trip? Whether you are flying to Hawaii, Europe, or another destination that calls for air travel, you may be looking for information how you can save money. Better yet, you may be looking for cheap air travel rates. The first step in finding cheap air ravel rates is to know that they do exist. Unfortunately, many individuals do not know or even truly believe that there are ways that they can save... Read More
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